Project Based Learning (PBL) CREW

What is it?

Project Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional strategy in which students learn by solving a complex problem or question that is related to the curriculum.



Let’s Take a Look

Click the images below to view examples of Project Based Learning (PBL) lessons.

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Call to Action

Project Based Learning

As an educator, we want to make learning meaningful, relevant, and engaging. With Project Based Learning, we can address all of these aspects.

  • Share an example of how you have used project based learning in the past.
  • What are your goals for implementing project based learning next year? (Please provide specific examples.)
  • What questions do you still have about Project Based Learning?

Share your answers in a comment below and let’s learn from each other.

Another great game-based learning option!

Quizizz is another great option for game-based learning.   This tool is very similar to Kahoot!, but has some special extra features.  One of these features is the “homework” option – you can set a time frame for when students can take a quiz.  There are hundreds of already created quizzes or you can create your own.  Quizizz works great on mobile devices as well as computers.

Look at all the great features and options in Quizizz:


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