Leadership Lean In – January 2018

The Technology Integration Matrix, or TIM, is a tool that teachers can use to analyze and enhance their lessons. We reference the TIM in our eCLASS Levels document and have used it through the years as a resource for instructional planning.  The TIM focuses on five learning environments along with five levels of technology integration.

The Florida Center for Instructional Technology has recently updated the TIM to include new resources that leaders can use to familiarize their staff with how to use the tool. One of our favorite resources is the library of non categorized practice videos. This is a great starting point for teachers to practice placing lessons on the TIM before they move into analyzing their own lessons. As a small group, teachers can view one of the practice videos. Then, the teachers can discuss where each learning environment falls on the matrix. Finally, and most importantly, there can be a discussion about how this lesson can be moved to the right on the matrix in ONE area.

Then, teachers can reflect on their own lesson activities – plotting them on the TIM, and then collaborating to transform.  It may be best to start by focusing on one aspect of a lesson.  For example, the collaborative portion of a lesson may be at the adoption level while the goal-setting portion may be at the entry level. After placing the lesson activities on the TIM, teachers can pick ONE learning environment to move towards the right and transformation.

Some  of the resources on the TIM website now require a small fee. However, there are plenty of free resources that leaders can utilize to begin a discussion on transformation. These resources can supplement tools available in Gwinnett.  For instance, the TIM survey is not needed, because Gwinnett has a Teacher Profile that can be used to determine levels of classroom transformation.  However, the videos on the website can provide models to help teachers see examples of “next levels” after they have their results from the Teacher Profile.

The TIM is a great resource used in combination with other Gwinnett tools for school and classroom transformation. The TIM focuses on the lesson level. The eCLASS Transformed Classroom focuses on the classroom practices as a whole. Finally, the eCLASS Implementation Matrix focuses on the school transformation.  Together, these resources can assist you to drive technology-infused instructional transformation for our students.