Leadership Lean-In August 2017

Our schools are like our photo galleries on our phone . . . there are a million different snapshots that all tell a specific story, but when you look at the entire gallery, the snapshots together create a tapestry that tells a lot about who were are.  There are so many different ways we can look at our school – an achievement data dashboard, a faculty roster, a student engagement report, a community partner list – and the list goes on.  None of these tell the whole story by itself, but together, they paint a picture of what each school is.

One snapshot that can and should be a part of that gallery is where our school, our classrooms, and our lessons are in student and teacher use of technology – our “eCLASS snapshot.”  And one photo template that can help school leaders to take that snapshot is the eCLASS inverted pyramid of transformation.

eCLASS Vision Triangle

The pyramid reminds you of the tools that are available in your arsenal to capture the moment – knowing where you are now – and to then move the school, the classrooms, the teachers, the lessons “to the right” for eCLASS transformation.  The Matrix of eCLASS Implementation outlines the six indicators that we as school leaders need to leverage in order to increase our effective use of technology for instruction.  Have you identified where you are as a school on each indicator, and then looked to the right to determine your next steps?

The eCLASS Transformed Classroom document gives concrete examples of how teachers should use technology (and our eCLASS C&I Tool) with their students to move from one level of transformation to the next.  The new Teacher Profile instrument gives a quick way for teachers to self-assess their level on the Transformed document.  Have your teachers reviewed the levels to get a picture of what their classroom looks like now, and to set goals for what they can do this year to further engage students with technology?

The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) is a great resource for each teacher to see video examples of instructional practices with technology at each level of transformation.  Have your teachers watched the videos of lessons at that “next level” of transformation to help them with their “journey to the right?”

What does your school’s snapshot include this year?  Use these resources to capture that picture. . . and then help teachers continue to improve their own practices, as supported by school level goals and action.  That snapshot then becomes a part of the tapestry to achieve your school’s goals, including the ultimate vision of eCLASS – engaging our students and increasing their learning.