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Getting Started with Technology in Your Classroom

Written by: Laura Girard & Stacy McKibben

As we begin the school year, you are probably thinking about ways to make the use of technology in the classroom smoothly, easily, and stress-free. You already know the importance of teaching students the rules and routines in the first few weeks of school. Why not incorporate the rules, routines, and procedures associated with technology use into the other classroom routines you are teaching?

Here you will find tips on how to organize yourself and prepare your students to be independent with technology throughout the day. We start our tips on Day 1, but your Day 1 doesn’t have to be the first day of school! However, we do encourage you to start these routines as soon as possible. Making sure your students have a solid understanding of the procedures is essential to transforming your classroom throughout the school year.

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Helpful Tips for Teachers:

  • Place login information for students on a laminated index card and keep it near the computers on a ring for students to easily find and use as needed.
  • Print directions for assignments that students should complete and place them in a designated spot (near the laptops or in another chosen spot) so students can always easily find their assignment without disturbing the class. A frame or page protector on the wall or table is great for this!
  • Establish a plan for storing, charging, and connecting to the Ethernet.
  • Designate an area for laptops, power cords, headphones, etc., and teach your students where they are and how to put things away.
  • Consider designating a student job for organizing and assisting with technology.
  • Establish and post procedures as you see fit for your class. Review procedures often!
  • Model, model, model!!! If you expect your students to do something, especially with technology, you must model it yourself so they can see what it should look like.