Differentiation with Technology in the Resource Classroom

Ready! Get Set! Go!…That was the feeling I had when our learning management system (eCLASS C&I) was first introduced to me five years ago. Over the years, I began to explore the system and find ways to implement the technology in my classroom. In the beginning, I worried of how my students would access the technology outside of the classroom with no devices at home. pathAfter a while, promoting it to parents daily but seeing little to no usage online got frustrating. Therefore, I decided to bring deeper implementation into my instructional planning. This is how I chose to use technology in my classroom for differentiation…

>I record myself teaching using document cameras and video cameras.  I record mini lessons as well as interactive problem solving with me, the teacher. Students are able to move at their own pace, use manipulatives seen in the video, respond to the teacher, and record in their journal for accountability. Whether it is a preview, current, or spiral skill-students are able to access help through videos at any time.

>My course page is my plan book and a HOME for my students in the classroom. For stations, lessons, homework, and upcoming events, my page serves as a one-stop shop with easy accessible links. Utilizing my page for mini lessons and activating strategies limits transition times. The page is not only for students, but also for parents to learn along with their students filling in the educational gap.

>I have virtual conversations with my students for formal and informal assessments – in eCLASS C&I, I use the activity feed and discussion tools. In both applications, I am able to see each students’ individual needs through their response and engagement with a specific skill. Students are able to receive immediate feedback and are given the next steps to further their learning. This application also allows the students to interact with one another and assist each other in misunderstandings or unknown skills.

        pencilAs I learn more about the technology our county offers, I add it on my list of areas for continuous growth. Reaching mastery in my use of technology  is my priority to maximize instruction and differentiation with my students. Understanding the great uses for eCLASS C&I and other devices will open space for implementation of new things in the future. So, jump right in with me…Ready! Get Set! Go!

–Lauren Edwards, Baldwin Elementary School, IRR