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Math Practice Fun!

Teachers of students in grades 1-8: check out Prodigy Game!  This is a web-based math practice site that is free for teachers.  Teachers can assign specific content topics for students to work on or choose a more general topic (i.e. “First Grade Common Core”).  The teacher dashboard lets teachers see struggling students and top students, as well as other data.  Prodigy has a workspace when the math questions show. The workspace includes an eraser, markers, coins, counters, fraction bars, and base ten blocks. You could embed the game into eCLASS using an iframe generator (One iframe generator option: 7th Space).

Try it out:


Quizalize is a new diagnostic assessment website that provides children with a fun and engaging way to learn. Quizalize goes one step further than just being your average quiz website; it provides teachers with in-depth data to analyze their children’s strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps instantly. It not only caters to the main subjects such as Math and Science, but it is versatile and can be used across all subjects.

Also, you can group your students so they are on a “team”, but you as a teacher can still see their individual responses!

Check it out here: